West Bengal seeks more investment in cement sector

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The industry’s response has been positive, with at least two companies expressing a strong interest in investing in the state in the upcoming years.

During an interactive session on the cement industry organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Panja emphasized that the state has the potential to become an attractive destination for cement companies. This is due to the increasing demand in the eastern region and the abundant availability of coal in this area.


Cement companies have been grappling with a shortage of coal, which has significantly elevated their operational costs over the past few quarters. In response, the West Bengal government is actively working on the development of the Deocha Pachami coal block in the Birbhum district.

Companies like Purvanchal Cement from Assam and Mangalam Cement from the BK Birla group have indicated their long-term plans to establish grinding units in the state to meet the escalating demand.


Yashwant Mishra, President (Corporate) & CFO of Mangalam Cement, stated, “We have been allocated a raw material block in Chhattisgarh, and once the integrated project is completed, the company will seriously consider establishing a grinding unit in Bengal.”

Vedant Agarwal, Managing Director of Purbanchal Cement, also mentioned that the company is contemplating entering the Bengal market in the coming years.