Effort to increase branding efforts for weavers’ products around the world: Karnataka CM

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Facilitating Business Operations for MSMEs: In a dedicated effort to enhance the productivity of weavers in Karnataka and stimulate economic growth, the Chief Minister of the state, Basavaraj Bommai, announced plans to bolster the global branding of weavers’ products. This announcement was reported by ANI.

The Chief Minister made these remarks at the Suvarna Soudha Conference Hall in Belagavi, where he was honored by weavers for addressing their longstanding demands the previous day. CM Bommai affirmed, “The government is committed to taking all necessary measures in this regard,” and he revealed that the textile policy would be modified in the near future.


He emphasized Karnataka’s position as the nation’s largest exporter of textiles and the renowned status of the Ilkal saree. However, CM Bommai stressed the need for national-level branding, mentioning an agreement with online platforms like Amazon to achieve this goal.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister announced that weavers would be eligible for loans up to Rs 2 lakh with a zero percent interest rate. Additionally, they would benefit from a 50 percent reduction in power charges and fixed charges for the acquisition of handloom and powerloom units, following a model similar to initiatives in Tamil Nadu.

CM Bommai recognized weaving as an art and expressed the government’s commitment to supporting it, as weaving has a rich history spanning hundreds of years and has contributed significantly to job creation, particularly among the youth. He stressed the importance of promoting the textile industry for the nation’s benefit.


Acknowledging the pivotal role of weavers, Bommai pledged that those engaged in weaving would be treated as unorganized laborers, enabling them to access associated benefits. The government is actively working toward the welfare of weavers and addressing the health challenges they face.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister highlighted the extension of the Nekar Sanman scheme to weavers operating power looms, in addition to handloom weavers. This scheme, designed to provide financial assistance to weavers affected by the pandemic, was part of the Karnataka Government’s Rs 1,610 crore Covid Relief Package in 2020.


The subsidy offered to the professional weaver community has been raised from 30 percent to 50 percent. Additionally, weaving products will now be included in the Education Department’s Vidya Vikas scheme, which provides free uniforms to students. This move will enable the education department to source uniform cloth from local weavers, with tenders being issued for the remaining quantity based on the capacity of Government Weavers Corporations.

The state has committed to purchasing 25 percent of the uniform requirements for various departments from the Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation, as reported.